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The information that is in this article is very important for understanding carding as a way to overcome the system of protection against illegal payments. We are talking about checking CC CVV Fullz by checker and Credit card response codes. Many believe that if a transaction was rejected, the reason is that the card is dead. But in fact, the reasons may be different and there are a lot of them. There is only one way to become a successful carder, analyze your failures, determine their causes and try to do everything right.
I buy СС, I just went to the online store from my phone, entered the card data, but received a decline. Therefore, I am writing to the seller CC CVV Fullz that the card is dead and I need a refund. Do you recognize yourself? Then I have bad news for you, you are 10-15 years late and you are wasting time and money. Banks are constantly working to improve the protection of their cards, so that my friend life would not seem like honey to you. If the card was decline this does not mean that it was bad.


Imagine a store with any product that is connected to a payment aggregator for bank cards (merchant). A merchant is a bank that has its own protection system (anti fraud control). At the moment when you entered CC data and clicked to pay, he checks the payments by his criteria and gives the number of points on the risk scale. Points determine the fate of payment (successful / unsuccessful). Anti fraud is automatic and manual, usually it works automatically first, if you give a lot of risk points to payment, it goes into manual mode and already live people evaluate the payment, check it. Also, an anti-fraud exists in a shop; in small shops, this function is performed by managers who have strict verification instructions. And in large special security services or they buy subscriptions from special offices, which check payments for them and give a guarantee.
Antifraud system – a group of filters that are configured depending on the preferences of the owners of online shops and payment systems, designed to timely detect and prevent fraudulent online transactions. The task of the antifraud is to calculate the percentage probability of a fraudulent operation called FraudScore (FS) based on the main risk factors (major), as well as additional (secondary), constantly supplemented and improved factors.
The main risk factors are:
IP range – checking the geographical location of the buyer, not matching the IP holder (plastic card holder) and the online store with the IP of the buyer.
E-mail – previously used, used by free providers, not corresponding to the country of the holder..
Anonymous proxies – if the buyer’s IP is blacklisted. Countries with a high risk of fraud: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Macedonia – it’s worth noting that each bank makes a list of such countries based on its own experience, the experience of other banks, and world recommendations payment systems..
The distance between the buyer’s IP and the delivery address.
Check on the bin of the bank – does not match the country of IP and the country of the bank that issued the card.
Check IP publicity (open proxy).
Check IP in spam lists.
Transaction frequency. You can not use one card as the last in your hands! It is worth making 3 payments in 10 minutes and the alarm will work automatically. We made one payment, paused after working with another CC CVV Fullz, only then it is permissible to reuse.
Moreover, if the same merchant to the shoe shop is set at an average level, then for the Airline it will be set at a serious level.
An ideal purchase looks like this – when an honest US citizen buys goods, he sits at his PC: he has his city ip, his phone number (according to the geolocation of his state), he has time for his city, he has language for the country and he manually enter card data + email
Our task is to impersonate a real cardholder.  All that is listed above we can do.  IP under the city \ state we select through socks5 or ssh tunnels.  Socks5 allows you to create a chain of multiple servers, thereby achieving anonymity on the network.
An SSH tunnel is a tunnel created through an SSH connection and used to encrypt the tunneled data. It is used to secure data transmission on the Internet. – there is a reconciliation of the ip- city and you can see what the browser says about you (plug-ins, etc.) works through MaxMind, this is a fraud control service provider for shops. – equivalent.


This is a service that determines the status codes of a bank cards. All checkers are paid services, so if you want to have accurate information, then use verified checkers (paid). How does CC CVV Fullz Checker work. A store selling any product is hacked and when you check your card, it is paid for a certain amount. Since the store is directly connected to the merchant (bank), we get the answer Credit card response codes. There are a lot of codes, so we can understand the specific reason why the card does not work.
As for checking on various sites like Netflix, they are not checkers. These are merchant accounts that accept payments. If the card was decline, you will never know the reason for the block. At best, you can find out a live card or not. Although recently there have been frequent cases of blocking cards while trying to check them on the very same Netflix.
Check CC CCV Fullz need only after use. The checker works with the merchant, when 1000 cards have already been included in the merchant and then they turned out to be fraud transactions, then the merchant gets into the blacklist of banks. Those you checked the card, it is alive, but when you start using it, it does not work.


If you consider yourself a super hacker and do not know card response codes, this is bad. You think if you did not succeed to card something, then the card is necessarily dead. This is often not the case.


01 Refer to card issuer. (You need to call the bank to complete the transaction)
02 Refer to card issuer. (You need to call the bank to complete the transaction)
03 Invalid merchant. (Invalid Merchant ID)
05 Do not Honor. (the transaction was rejected by the bank with no explanatory reasons)
06 Error. (Unknown error on the side of the bank)
12 Invalid transaction card / issuer / acquirer (Merchant does not accept cards of this bank)
13 Invalid amount (Amount exceeded bank limit per transaction)
19 System Error (system error on the merch side, you need to repeat the transaction)
34 Suspected Fraud (Suspected Fraud)
51 Not sufficient funds (Not enough money on the card)
57 Transaction not permitted on card (Merchant does not accept cards of this bank)
58 Txn Not Permitted On Term (Merchant does not accept this type of operation)
59 Suspected Fraud (Suspected Fraud)
61 Exceeds amount limit (Amount exceeds the allowed daily maximum)
91 Issuer not available (There is no connection with the bank)
93 Transaction violates law (Transaction illegal)
94 Duplicate Transaction (Dual Transaction)
96 System Error (System error, on the merchant side)


04 Pick-up card. (The card is locked by the bank due to fraud)
07 Pick-up card, special condition. (The card is locked by the bank due to fraud)
14 Invalid card number (Invalid card number or card blocked by the holder, bank)
21 No Action Taken (Forbidden by the bank without any explanation)
39 No Credit Account
41 Lost Card, Pickup (Lost card)
42 Special Pickup (card stolen)
43 Hot Card, Pickup (Card stolen)
54 Expired card (Expired card)
55 Incorrect PIN; (Invalid pin)
62 Restricted card (card account frozen)
63 Security violation (card account frozen)
75 Exceeds PIN Retry (Pin entered the maximum number of times)
78 Function Not Available (Card number is not valid or does not exist)
82 CVV Validation Error (Invalid cvv code)


If you are using CC CVV Fullz constantly get 05 Do not Honor, then you are doing something wrong. There are many reasons for this. Incorrect IP, Lok Region, Banking, International Transaction, Merchant account sees you use VPN, socks on the blacklist.

Here’s how HSBC BANK PLC., Comments on the reasons for receiving 05 code.

This indicates an error or problem from the card issuer. This is the following:
Suspected fraud
Insufficient Funds
(E.g. daily limit exceeded, duplicate transaction suspected, etc).
In most cases, adherence to the basic rules of carding eliminates the receipt of 05 code.

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