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In this article not only, you will learn why CPN (credit privacy number) don’t work for carders in 2022 but we will also teach you why they exist in the first place which is something very closely tied to why they don’t and will never work for carders.

A credit privacy number, or CPN, is a nine-digit identifying number similar to a Social Security number. 

A CPN is not always marketed to consumers with a “bad credit” as a path to a fresh credit history but this is “exactly” what a CPN is, an opportunity for a fresh start for those with a “bad credit history”.

Companies offering CPNs will say they can be used instead of a Social Security number on applications for credit.

As a carder if you’re considering to take out a loan or to apply for something that you need an SSN for and you want to buy a CPN (credit privacy number)— also known as a “consumer profile number”, “credit profile number” or “credit protection number” 

Some CPNs that have been sold have been “dormant Social Security numbers” belonging to children so upon a closer look by the lender your will be stopped dead in your tracks.


CPNs exist in a legal Gray area because the U.S. Privacy Act, a 1974 law, allows people to withhold their Social Security numbers when not required by federal law.

Federal law does not require a Social Security number for credit applications. 

However, CPNs are NOT legitimate, nor are they recognized by the government, according to the US office of the inspector general itself.

An SSN (Social Security Number) is one of several identifiers credit bureaus use to be sure they have the right person because other metrics, such as address and phone number are also used, sellers of CPNs generally encourage their clients to change those things so that data cannot be matched and therefore 9 out of 10 times your application will be rejected or they will request a ton of other information including the original SSN, which defeats the purpose of using CPN as a carder in the first place.

If you put on your carder hat and think about it, it doesn’t make sense that creditors who denied the real SSN holder credit loan under his or her name and credit record would reconsider after discovering that it was the same applicant, cloaked in “privacy” and with a new address and phone number under a CPN.

As a carder it’s tempting to hope for a quick and easy solution while applying for loans and quite frankly there’s nothing wrong with looking for an easy fix after all it’s only human to want to forget about skepticism and believe there’s a shortcut to getting your hands on a bunch of quick money by doing it under a CPN, but it won’t work.


Let us give you a short answer without diving into it too much, we have been there done it and it simply didn’t work for us. 

Nevertheless, it might work with new lenders for getting loans in a range of $250 – $500 but we have not tried those amounts as we are never interested in a low hanging fruit when it comes to getting approved for loans, if the loan is not over $5,000 it’s simply not worth our time and effort.

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  • Lordfico800 Reply

    This is definitely not completely true they will work in 2022, specially if trade lines still post.

    1. It’s retarded to apply to the same place as before with a cpn
    2. Biggest factor is location of ip have somebody in a different state maybe even the exact state the can is in.
    3. It will always work with vehicle and rental properties, specially if they don’t give af
    4. Always payon what ever you get for at least 6 months
    5. Cpns is a bout building its long term money you need primary not trade lines, trade lines don’t even work for your real suit half the time. gotta put money down and ask for a increase every 90 days

    So imagine you’ve been hustling all year and you look up and have 10 cpns you been work selling the credit lines or keep me but my whole point is that it works its just a longer grind depending on the ppl you have to deal with when you want something

    Like which one of yall gone let me slide
    If you know a loan officer or someone In a financial institution its Christmas

    July 29, 2022 at 11:19 am

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