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What are clone cards?

-Clone cards credit cards dumps(data) written on cards, digital copy of stolen credit card information and is commonly used by carders to clone credit cards.

2. Do clone cards have balances in the them?

-yes, they do have both high and low balances

They come in different ranges

3. How can I access data in the clone cards?

-every card comes with a pin, A four digit pin

4. How can I cashout on clone cards.

-easiest way of cashing out on clone cards would be at the atm. ANY ATM Worldwide

-you can also use them at gas station or shops with a POS machine (PDQ)

5. Is it possible to top up cloned credit card balance?

-no, once you have purchase a card and cash out, you just dispose the it and order another one.

7. Why do you sell these card and not withdraw money yourself?

-You have to understand that if we start to make large withdrawals of money we will be caught because the legal authorities will immediately check who are responsible for withdrawing unusual amounts of money from same area in short time,
so we must keep extra safety! The first rule to succeed in the carding and hacking field is to keep a low profile!
Yes, some of us have families and therefore we cannot move from one apartment to another as often as required in such a situation and therefore the sale of our services is a win-win situation,
thanks to Bitcoin we earn absolute privacy and you earn the opportunity to change your financial situation.
6. How can I get a cloned credit card?

-first place an order by selecting the balance you need.

-secondly make payments via Bitcoin followed by your mailing address

Shipping is worldwide

Delivery is via FedEx, EMS, priority mail or dhl,

Takes 2 to 4 days at maximum to deliver

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    berry 1

    cashed out at local ATM,,worked well

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    This site you can trust 100%.

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    Vendor is legit and reliable. Recommend.

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