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Step 1
Login to the Woodforest bank log and confirm identity using code sent to the email access of the bank log you bought
Step 2
Now click on Pay Bill
Step 3
When it comes to Woodforest, you have to put on a Multi Factor Authenticator on when doing bill Pay
Step 4
Download the Authenticator on Apple
Store and scan the QR Code on that will be provided on the site to get a code
Step 5
The Authenticator is added so that you can make the account secure and safe to make transfers to your prepaid banks successfully
Step 7
They’ll ask you where you want the money to be deducted from. Click on Checking Account
Step 8
Click on Add Payee
Step 9
Now put in the name of the person you want to make the transfer to
Step 10
Fill in the Woodforest log with the cashapp account details (Name, routing number, account number and Address)
Step 11
Paypee has been added Successfully
Step 12
Now put in the amount you want to transfer to your cashapp
The minimum is $5k and the highest is
Payment will reflect under 24 hours on your cashapp

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