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Requirements Verified cashapp account with history (When buying cashapp account make sure you get email access and routing and account number attached) đź”°Plus Huntington bank log with Email Access

Step 1

Login to the Huntington bank log and confirm identity using code sent to the email

Step 2

I have now logged into the bank log which has a balance of $41K

Step 3

Now click on Payments and click on Pay Bill

Step 4

Click on on Add New Payee since it’s the first time sending funds to the person

Step 5

Fill in the Huntington log with the cashapp account details (Name, routing number , account number and type checking)

Step 6

Click on Add Payee and Payee will be added successfully

Step 7

We go further and click on pay people/ companies and choose the payee you just added then put the amount you want you

I sent $1500
Payment has been sent successfully and will reflect under 24 hours
That’s what I use for trial deposit and from there $10,000 daily

Stop getting ripped on TELE ! Load it yourself because it’s easy!

If you got any cashapp , chime , Paypal , Go2bank then you should be rich by now ! Because linking those banks to a bank log you bought and you’re logged in is very easy ! They just send code to email and those banks come with the email access! You can make 10k$ daily depending on the limit!

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