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This method can be used for Chase Bank Member to Member Transfer and as well as Prepaid Banks!

Let’s start

First things first make sure your socks5 / Good VPN like PIA is set to the client drop IP. then check it up on if your location is clean.

log into the Hacked Bank Log and click on Pay and Transfer from the navigation bar

Then click on Transfer Money

Then click on Add External Account

Again click on Add External Account because we are now adding the bank drop which could be either other CHASE BANK!

6. Click on Add account Manually. Adding a log manually (micro-deposit way) is best since it won’t kill it.

Now enter the Account Number and Routing Number of the banklogs you bought in their perspective section and click on next

Now click on Pay and Transfer from the navigation bar

10.Click on Verify to Confirm pending activation

The CHASE BANK DROP has been added successfully to the CHASE BANK LOG

Time to schedule the transfer. Transfer from the hacked log you just added then Transfer to Choose any account inside the bank drop.

13. Transfer made Successfully

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