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  1. First things first, open the Cash App on your mobile device.
    Click on the bank icon on the bottom left corner of the home page

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Select Link bank Option

  1. On selecting the Link Bank option.
    You will be asked to link a bank using a debit card. Here, you can easily connect any local bank using debit card number!
    Go through the log details you bought and enter the debit card number and select Add Card option to proceed with the steps.

4.But, in case you do not have the debit card number, you can easily add the bank directly.
To do this, click on the No Card option to continue.

  1. Right after selecting the No Card option, you will be redirected to a new page.
    There, a long list of available banks will appear. There you need to select your bank . I always prefer you select Huntington bank or chime bank for cashapp

6. And finally, after selecting to link Chime bank directly. You will be asked to enter Chime account details

That’s why I always recommend you all buying email access logs.
Enter the details to link Cash App to Chime finally.

Once you have linked your Chime bank account to the Cash App, you can now add money and fund your Cash App wallet linked directly from the Chime bank log you bought

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