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Cashapp New Method

  1. Find somebody who got CashApp & they must Have access to the bank or cashapp card to get the cash off but the account must have been active for at least 3 months & have over 10 transactions (These
    is necessary to bypass the verification, you won’t be asked to verify cashapp account
  2. Buy a card cc from us or from your trusted vendor. buy a piece with the fullz so you can sign up for cashapp with it which is SSN, Bday, etc.
  3. Once you buy the card you gone use, type all the full information to sign up under a new cashapp but you gotta make sure you create the account on a different phone, iPhone or android with a VPN Downloaded (OpenVPN) App

4.Once you activated the cashapp sign up for a cash card and send it to the address where you want it to land so when it come you can go straight to the ATM & get the cash out or you can use the cash back method entering stores grabbing a small item and getting cash back (the change) for the purchase.

  1. If you got someone with cash app & a bank account you can type in the amount and pay It out to them.


this is your first payment, I advise not to send nothing over $500. Over time, you’ll be able to send more without any worries as long as the piece is popping.

  1. You can do every 24 hours $1000+ daily, as soon as you send the cash over to the other cashapp,type in the amount you’re sending & pay make sure not to get it from an ATM or the ATM will keep the card stuck inside.Today, you can link the bank account of person that you are sending the $1000

7.If cashapp ask for verification of ID or bank account, if you want to get the cash today, you can link the bank account of person that you are sending the $1000 too so you can get it out… Or for the ID verification to get $1500-$2000, You have to get a Fake ID made and scan it to verify the account

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