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How to Create Bitcoin Wallet Account For Free

I will be showing You how to Create Bitcoin Account and even if you are a total newbie, I strongly believe at the end of this post:

  • You will Learn How to Create Your own Bitcoin wallet using Blockchain
  • And How to get Your Bitcoin Address

Bitcoin is indeed a safe means to receiving money from around the world without fear of getting banned or suspended. Bitcoin is safe, easy, and reliable.

Most internet users are not really familiar with it and am sure you are one among them and that’s the reason you opened this page to read how to open Bitcoin account. let me show you how so you can get started just like every other Bitcoin users.

There are many mediums through which one can send and receive BTC payments. You only have to register on this platforms, and you will get your Wallet address through which you can start transacting Bitcoin.

How to Create Bitcoin Account Using Blockchain

Like I said earlier, this tutorial will only be showing you steps to create Bitcoin wallet using Blockchain website/app.

Registering a Blockchain wallet account is as easy as creating Facebook account or every other simple online registration platforms. You can send and receive even without further Identity verification. That’s the good side of it.

Visit Blockchain Signup Link enter your email and your password.

As soon as you click on Create My Wallet, a confirmation email message will be sent to your inbox. Check your email and confirm the message.

At the end part of the email, You can see your Wallet ID copy it and save it somewhere because that’s the ID you will be using anytime you want to login your Bitcoin account

Now that your email address is verified, it simply means you are done and ready to login your BTC account.

To login Your Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet account, visit enter your wallet ID and your password then click on the login button

You will be prompted to verify an authorization sent to your email. Check your email and authorize the login. Go back to and login again using the same process and you will be logged in successfully.

How to Get Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

If anyone must send you payment through Bitcoin, they must send it through your Bitcoin address. Then you will get the payment in your available balance.

So to get your unique Bitcoin address through which you can receive payments, once you are logged into your Blockchain account, click on Bitcoin from the list of digital currencies.

Click on Get BTC

From the next Screen, you will sight your BTC address at the buttom end. Just copy and save it somewhere

Whenever someone wants to pay you through Bitcoin, all You need is just send them your Wallet address and that’s all.

What Next : How to Create Bitcoin Account?

With the above procedures, Am sure you now understand how to create Bitcoin account and also, how to get your wallet address using Blockchain.

Do not forget that Blockchain also have mobile app. You can download Blockchain app on your Android device for easy access.

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Please do us a favor by sharing this page with others who might also want to lean how to open BTC account for free.

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  • betty Reply

    awesome guide

    May 8, 2024 at 12:43 am
  • marcus Reply

    i realy love ur tuts,thank for showing us the way

    January 29, 2024 at 10:36 pm

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