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 Flipkart Carding Method 2023

Carding is a form of card fraud. A financial transaction is performed using the card or its details, but at the same time, the real cardholder does not initiate or confirm anything.

Typically, a credit card contains the owner’s name, card number, expiration date (month and year), and verification code (CVV). There are financial operations on the Internet for which the physical presence of a card is not required. You can carry out the transaction if you know the data from the card.

Resourceful scammers take credit card details from online stores (by hacking servers) or from personal computers (via Trojans or remote access programs). One of the most common data collection methods is phishing. Fraudsters create a “secure” site through which the details of the cards are stolen.

An attacker can copy this data if he works together with people who have access to credit cards, for example, a waiter or a cashier. The necessary information can be caught on camera, either through photographs or videos. It is also possible to obtain such data by imitating a call from a bank or by hacking online stores or systems that use cards.

Attention: Carding is obviously a crime. In this article, we provide you with information for education purposes. The usage of this information is your personal responsibility.

We will now describe, in detail, the Flipkart carding method.

Flipkart Carding Method

Flipkart is the largest online shop in India. There are many goods available. Any of these products can be bought using a specific scheme, which is of interest both for newcomers and for professionals.

FCM Requirements

First of all, you need to know several terms and abbreviations. Here they are:

  1. Credit card – CC, CVV
  2. Flipkart carding method – FCM
  3. Virtual private network – VPN
  4. SOCKS. It is a tool not entirely dissimilar to a VPN, which can change your IP. Basically, it is used to make the security system believe that you are in the CC’s real holder’s location. SOCKS is just for cheating the system – it is not enough to hide your IP.

Some basics actions and settings are necessary to pull this off smoothly:

  • Use a mobile device or a PC with a high-speed broadband connection.
  • Download the Mozilla Firefox browser and install it, if you don’t have it.
  • Activate your VPN. The reason why you need to use both SOCKS and the VPN is that SOCKS can be tracked.
  • Clean your web browser history. Always use SOCKS on Firefox.
  • The format of SOCKS is «IP: PORT». You must make your IP be for the same area/location as the address of the real CC holder.
  • You need a fresh unlocked BIN.
  • The last but the most necessary: you need a valid CC with as much money as possible.

You need to do all of this before you are able to start Flipkart carding.

FCM on Practice

Everything downloaded for carding should be in English. It is convenient and safe for the process itself. For example, if you are Romanian, then most likely everything you have on your computer is in the Romanian language. In this case, others can look at your computer and figure out that you are from Romania. No one wants that. 

Another important protection is to set the time and date to be the same as at the true holder’s location. The next step is to change your IP. 

You can do it using SOCKS, so you need to find a SOCKS provider. There are a lot of different web sites, and it will be easy to find a suitable one. Finally, you need to choose the website you want to hit.

When you set up everything that ‘proves’ that your location is similar to the cardholder’s, you can start carding. The following steps need to be taken:

  • Acquire a CC with all the details necessary.
  • Activate SOCKS and use a VPN.
  • Create a new Flipkart account, using the CC’s details.
  • Find the product you need on the web site and add it to the cart.
  • Pay using the CC and place the order.
  • Done!

As mentioned above, everything will go well if you follow the instructions. There are also some other variations of FCM.

FCM for Android Owners

Here is how to card on Android devices. Be attentive.

  • As you already know, the first thing to do is to get a CC (not yours, of course). If you do not have any, buy one online.
  • Create an account on Flipkart. Use the same details like those on your new CC.
  • Set the IP address. It should be similar to the IP of the CC owner. 
  • Connect SOCKS.
  • Choose some Flipkart products and write several positive reviews on them (this is important).
  • Find a product with a high price. For example, an iPhone. Add the product to your cart.
  • Log out. Stay unlogged for at least several hours.
  • Then, log in to your account again. Fill in the necessary CC details and place the order.
  • Again wait for several hours and then cancel the order.
  • After some time, the money will be put on your Flipkart account. Profit!
  • Now you can order any products using the money on your Flipkart account balance.

Things That Maybe You Will Need to Buy

To protect privacy, most people buy new stuff to avoid being tracked. For example, this can include:

  1. A smartphone
  2. A laptop or PC
  3. A CC with a high balance
  4. A new VPN account

You may find different sites selling these products. Some of them require 40-60% of the price to be paid in advance, others 100%. That is ok because of the risk.

Personal Protection

As you can see, this approach is very simple and allows you to get the products you want quickly and safely. However, you need to know how to stay safe so that you do not become a victim of such active buyers.

  • Do not give your card to unknown people.
  • Use your card only for its intended purpose.
  • Do not use suspicious ATMs (check if there are cameras mounted on them).
  • Protect your PIN, for example, by covering the pad when typing it in.
  • Use SMS notifications, if such a service is available.
  • Use cards with an integrated microchip.

Annually, about 20 thousand fraudsters are found out in the USA alone. Losses are estimated at more than 11 billion dollars per year. Similar statistics are true for the UK. A significant proportion of the crimes were carried out via transactions, which don’t require a CC.


Now you know how the Flipkart carding method works. Do not forget that it is risky. Beware of rippers! They are too active nowadays. Use only verified websites.

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