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Gift Card Carding Method in 2023

Carding is a credit card fraud where “carders” steal credit or debit card information, verify it, and then use it to purchase goods and gift cards to turn them into cash. This act is illegal, and anyone caught can be fined up to $250,000 and spend up to 10 years in prison under Title-18 US code section 1029. However, carders are innovative and always find new ways to steal from other people. One of these methods involves carding gift cards.

Carding gift cards and a credit card are almost the same, but the goal is to get gift cards from popular online stores for free. Although it’s considered illegal, due to the lack of knowledge about carding, it’s easy for carders to steal money from people and businesses. This guide will discuss the method of carding gift cards used in 2023, including the requirements and penalties that a carder may incur.

Attention: The sole purpose of this article is to spread awareness and show the new techniques in gift card carding. Learning the methods used in carding gift cards is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of this theft. We’re not seeking to teach the reader to commit this crime.

What Is Gift Card Carding?

To better understand the methods of carding gift cards, we need to understand what a gift card is. It’s a loaded prepaid card used for making purchases. Gift cards have two main types, which are:

  • Closed-Loop Gift Cards – these are cards that can only be used at a specific store or brand.
  • Open-Loop Gift Cards – these cards are not affiliated with any merchants. They’re reloadable and work like credit and debit cards.

Gift cards are a good choice for people who can’t decide what to give someone but don’t want to gift money. Businesses use them to generate sales and improve customer loyalty. Unfortunately, gift cards are the carder’s favorite target.

Carders take advantage of the low-security features on these cards, which are unlike the features most credit cards have today. Gift card carding occurs when the carder uses a stolen credit card to purchase various gift cards, which will then be sold or used personally before the merchant finds out. Other than this, there are different types of gift card fraud, such as:

  • Gift card refund fraud
  • Gift card number theft
  • Account takeover and
  • Physical gift card tampering

Requirements for Carding Gift Cards

Gift card carding is not only the best-known but also the easiest type of card fraud. Here are the tools that carders use in carding gift cards from various stores online.

Cardable Gift Card Website

First is an excellent cardable shopping site where carders purchase gift cards. On this kind of website, a buyer can order without going through multiple protocols or security verifications, and items can be shipped anywhere. Not all websites can be used for carding gift cards, and here is a checklist for identifying a cardable website.

  • They ship internationally or allow buyers to enter an address that does not match the credit card address.
  • A One-Time-Password or OTP, credit card security code, or other verification process is not required to complete a transaction.
  • The buyer does not need to present a valid ID to confirm their identity.
  • Carded Amazon Gift Cards for example

CC Details

A live CC is an essential tool for carding. Usually, carders buy three kinds of CC details on the dark web or forums. Then instead of a physical card, they receive it as a virtual notepad. The three types of CC details carders buy are:

  • Conventional CC
  • Partial Full CC and
  • CC Fullz

CC Fullz are preferred by carders because they contain credit card details and the owner’s personal information, but they’re expensive. That’s why carders often use the BIN or the first four or six digits of the CC number to get a virtual card for carding gift cards. Non-VBV unverified Visa cards are the most recommended for carding as carders don’t need to go through security protocols or OTP verification to make a transaction.

VPN, RDP, and Socks 5

VPN or Virtual Private Network and Socks 5 are essential carding tools. They hide the carder’s IP address to ensure complete anonymity online. While Socks 5 is a cheaper VPN alternative, RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol works differently. RDP will not hide the IP address but will allow the user to connect to a computer in the exact location of the CC.

Computer or Mobile Phone

Carders use both mobile phones and computers for carding. Mobile phones must be rooted, disconnected from any Google services, and have at least 2 GB RAM and sound processor. Carders also use Mac and Windows in carding, but they must turn off the location services and install Windows Version 8.1 or above.

CC Cleaner

This software is needed to clean cache files, cookies, and browsing history before and after carding. Carders should delete these temporary browser files to stop servers from tracking their activities on the internet.

High-Speed Internet

Using VPN affects internet speed, so carders use high-speed internet. This helps in avoiding lag and having to reconnect to websites due to slow connections.

Shipping Address

In carding gift cards, carders don’t use their actual location or even the CC owner’s address. If they’re not from the US, they use the US address of a picker, friend, relative, or a DROP address. DROP providers are companies that help people who don’t live in the country to ship their orders to them.

Email Drop and Phone Number

Some shopping sites send gift card codes via email. In this case, carders create new email accounts that match the name of the CC owner. As for phone numbers, carders usually copy the registered phone number in the CC but change 2 to 3 digits, so the website will not notify the owner.

Gift Card Carding Method of 2023

Now that you know the basics about carding gift cards and the tools required, it’s time to learn how professional carders do it. To better understand, in this part, you are the carder. Note that this is for educational purposes only.

  1. Clear your browser and connect to your preferred VPN or Socks 5 to ensure your IP is hidden.
  2. Connect or run the RDP if you have one.
  3. Open Mozilla Browser and create two new email addresses, one with the exact CC details to be used in the shopping sites and an alternative email if the gift card will be sent to another account.
  4. Using the same browser, open the chosen website where you will do the carding. Create an account with your new email address and enter the exact CC details.
  5. Make sure your CC is alive and has a sufficient balance to complete the transaction. You can do it in advance.
  6. Act like a real customer, start browsing for gift cards, and add them to your cart.

NOTE: Depending on the website, if you want to send it to your alternative email address, there must be an option for an “eGift card.” Add it to your cart, and don’t forget to write a fake personal message to make it look natural and include your alternative email address.

  1. Select your payment method and enter the information requested. Make sure all the details, except the phone number and address, match your CC details.
  2. Enter your shipping address and place your order.
  3. Most shopping websites will redirect you to a summary page, and the gift card code will be sent to your email within 1 to 2 minutes of completing the transaction.
  4. You can wait for the card to be delivered to use the virtual code to purchase goods.

Can Someone Go to Jail for Carding Gift Cards?

Anyone caught carding gift cards will be prosecuted under federal law because they’re considered “access devices.” Fraud and related activity with access devices fall under Title-18 U.S.C section 1029. The penalty is the same for carders caught committing any credit card fraud.

According to federal law, the “access devices” are:

  • Debit, Credit, and any other type of cards
  • Account number
  • Codes
  • Electronic serial numbers
  • Plates
  • Mobile and personal identification numbers
  • Telecommunication services and equipment
  • Other access that anyone can use to obtain money, goods, and other things of value illegally

Other than spending up to 10 years in prison and paying a fine, a person involved in a fraudulent financial transaction like carding gift cards may face other federal charges. Some of these are:

  • Identity theft under 18 USC 1028
  • Computer fraud under 18 USC 1030
  • Bank fraud under 18 USC 1344 and
  • Email fraud

Final Words

Now that you’ve learned the new methods for carding gift cards, you’ll be more aware of this fraud and avoid falling victim to it. If you are a merchant, you should upgrade your website security and use a more secure payment method that will require OTP and other verification. In this way, you can prevent carders from making transactions and help the authorities catch them.

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