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Smartphone Carding tutorial 2022 method

Carding with a smartphone is regarded as extreme difficult by newbies since most tutorials cover how to card with PC since they are safe and availabilities of PC carding tools, in this tutorial I will teach you how to card online store securely on your smartphone or tablet.

Well, most pro carders recommend doing it with Mobile or Android Smartphone, Either You can Try. I personally Suggest using a PC for it. ????

When Carding on your smartphone or mobile device, you should be taking the same simple security measures as you would on a desktop.

Carding on your smartphone has never been easier. Whether it’s doing the weekly grocery shop, finding a new pair of jeans, or even purchasing on Amazon, this new tips will help card whatever we want, whenever we want on your mobile phone

Shopping via smartphone is on the rise. Consumers are using their smartphones to shop smarter. They are using their phones to card online store.

What is carding?

If you are new to carding business, let’s define carding ecosystem in a nutshell. Carding is a form of credit card fraud where carders use hacked credit cards to cash out on Cash app. People perpetrating this type of fraud are called “carders”. Carders fraudster creates fake cash app accounts which they used to cash out stolen cc and bank logs to cryptocurrency and also shop online..

Prerequisite for carding with a Smartphone

To get started with Carding on Smartphone, You will need some tools which will aid to your success.

  1. A Rooted Android Device with Some Apps Installed,/ Emulator
  2. Change IMEI, Android ID and Phone ID Using Apps.
  3. Connect SOCKS Proxy Using Proxy Droid App.
  4. Cc (Credit Card)
  5. and Phone ID Changer.
  6. Proxy Droid,
  7. CCleaner, download CCleaner on Playstore and clear you browsing history & cache.
  8. Apps Like- IMEI Changer,
  9. DROP

Carding with a Smartphone (Android) setup configuration

To begin with, we need an android with a MediaTek chip, because you can easily change the IMEI with ordinary software, and you don’t have to flash anything several times. We get root-rights, how to do it – you can find it on the Internet. We configure it for the country you need (time zone and language) and register a Google account under the holder. After that, download Chameleon and Device ID Changer from the play store, install the software and generate device configs. We reboot it and proceed to the next step.

Why is it relevant to drive from a Smartphone ?

For the simple reason that classical carding (which you could contemplate, for example, in the merged wwh training manual), is already slowly outliving its own. More and more mobile traffic in shops, an increasing percentage of fraud in purchases from a PC, and, accordingly, a decreasing ratio of fraud in purchases from mobile devices. In other words, there are more honest purchases from mobile devices, less attention. More carding with pc – more attention to them, and more checks. And therefore, you need to catch the wave, after all, it is 2021, and you need to be in trend and card from mobile devices. So, you don’t need to use your own phones for driving, and working with PayPal. And there is no need to buy the left. There are emulators for this, such as nox and genymotion.

Let’s take a closer look at these two emulators:

  1. The first emulator.
    Pros: Fast, free, convenient.
    Disadvantages: Only one device is available.
    It is recommended to reinstall after each drive.
  2. The second emulator. Genymotion .
    Pluses: the sea of devices. You can make at least a Samsung Galaxy 7, at least an htc desire, at least a tablet, in general, any device. Fast, you can make one phone, and copy it, then launching it through virtual boxing. Comfortable. Disadvantages: to get it for free, you need to work hard. You need to download previous versions from third-party resources, then update them, register on the site of this genimoushen. In general, everything is pretty quick. Everything is quite simple in fact, but for a beginner, it is awkward.

If you are into trouble with emulators, you can, in principle, use any mobile phone bought on the radio market . It is already a matter of personal taste for everyone. The presented software will allow you to do this. But in this case, I cannot be responsible for the result. By the way, it’s better to use it without a SIM card.

Whatever emulator we have, it still needs to be prepared . That is, put the software on it! Mobile software means (apk files), well, just adjust the system. Let’s break it down point by point:

  1. Point one. First of all, we go into the settings, and set the language and time zone of our phone for the country that you are working on. Remember this as our father. This is the foundation.
  2. Second point. Making a browser. Download firefox from the playmarket (or trashbox) (just write “firefox trashbox” in Google and download apk to our emulator). Install. We open it. Then we write ” about: config ” in the address bar (without quotes, of course). The settings have opened to us. There is a search field. We enter ” media.peerconnection.enabled ” there (also without quotes). We are exposed to this garbage, and we turn on the ” false ” mode. What it is? This is disabling WebRtc. In short, so that our real IP address is not fired via webrts.
  3. Third point. We write in Google “SSH Tunnel trashbox” (kpn tunnel is also suitable). We pass from the issue to the trashbox, and download this software from there. This software is for enabling tunnels specifically on the phone.
  4. The fourth point. We write in Google ” Phone id changer trashbox “. We also download the software from the trashbox. It will allow us to change the phone data that is embedded in the firmware (the presence of root rights is required). Relevant if you use nox and you need to reinstall it. But I suppose I do not 100% believe in these data changes, as for me it will be safer to reinstall the emulator. And you can do whatever you want.
  5. The fifth point. We write in Google “Fake GPS trashbox”. We also download the software from the trashbox. It will allow us to transmit fake gps data. That is, we are roughly wrapping the shop with fake gps coordinates. Like we are with a show-off where we are.
  6. The sixth point. We google again “ProxyDroid trashbox”. Downloading. This shit will allow us to pull us socks on our emulator. Of course, it would be easier to pull it on the computer right away, but here it is more convenient for someone. Let’s say I pull it on a computer, through a proxy. But dns can float there, and therefore it is better on the mobile right away. In general, as anyone.
  7. Seventh point. Disable google services. Everything that we can turn off. So that they would not be nafig at all, not a single one. Recently, it has been good for ebay through a bunch of android + a tunnel correctly built with dns + and an ebay minimum order 200 application . This is about aki with a CC with a stick, the situation is different. the stick is impulsive and in a bad mood.

Good luck to all!

Now Follow All the Steps of Carding Mentioned Above. ????

Brief guide on how to card on Smartphone

To proceed with the next step make sure you have the following carding tools ready.
Credit Card, Socks5 also known as SOCKS5 Proxy which mask your identity, making your location matching with the CC owner address, CCleaner Software, High-Speed internet and lastly your VPN(so all your activities gets encrypted and safe).

  1. Create a new Email account with the matching name of CC holder. If CC holder’s name is Smith Parker then make something like Smithparker78@***.com Note:Never use disposable Emails for carding.
  2. Run RDP and connect with your Host, in case you are not using RDP , follow the steps below
  3. Change all the MAC addresses using MAC Address Changer.
  4. Clear all the history of your PC including Cache, Temp Files using CC Cleaner.
  5. Set up sock5 in Mozilla Firefox, check above I have explained how to setup socks in Mozilla.
  6. Now, restart your browser and visit This link to check if your IP has changed with the location of CC holder or not
  7. Open any local online market store, I will suggest you use anyone which is from your own country.
  8. Register a new account with the name of CC holder and Email you made for carding.
  9. Try to add an item to your cart, the item should below USD $500, never use big orders for the first transaction.
  10. In shipping address, add the address where you want to deliver the product.
  11. Now, go for the payment option, choose credit card for payment.
  12. Enter all the credit card details you received when you bought the credit card.
  13. For the Billing address, use the address of CC Holder.


When carding on your smartphone or mobile device, you should be taking the same simple security measures as you would while carding a desktop.

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