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How are you guys doing? In this article today we are going to give a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to cashout UK bank transfer straight into your Bank drop and on top of that we are going to make this tutorial super easy to understand even your granny can pull it off.

Those of you who are complete beginners and don’t have the basic on online job, you can go through our 100’s of tutorials and 1000’s of tools at your disposal that we stock on and get started earning some real money.

Sidenote: This “Complete step-by-step tutorial on how to cashout UK bank transfer straight into your Bank drop” is 2 part series this article contains Part 1 after reading this you can move onto reading the Part 2 here.  

The real reason why UK Bank Transfers are one of our favorite Jobs to do is the fact that almost all scam jobs & Online transfers are centered around the US so there is less attention on UK scams, because of this, it takes a very long time for UK transfer jobs to cast out (when was the last time you read some real tutorial that was centered around cashing out UK related stuff?) It’s the reason only a small chunk of professionals are cashing out there while keeping a low profile because loose lips do sink ships.

The Daily Transfer Limit to another U.K bank is £50,000. Daily transfer Limit between Between same bank like Barclays bank is £250,000. Getting excited? We bet you are!

Also the money transfer from between the same banks is instant! Yes you read that right. Transfer to another Bank in UK reflects in just 2 to a max 24 hours but mostly on the same day!

To login into a U.K bank, what you need is:

  • Surname / Last name.
  • Membership number OR Card number OR Sort Code.
  • Passcode
  • Memorable word
  • So before you buy a UK log from us at, rest assured we will provide the above information.

Ok now let start the Step-by-Step tutorials, follow closely and don’t miss any step;

  • Fill the information and click on Next Step. As for the membership number, Card number & Sort code, fill just one of them.
  • Input passcode and memorable word and then click on ‘login to Online Banking.’
  • It will take about 5 to 10 seconds for the logins to be authenticated.
  • Once the logins is good, you will be successfully logged onto the dashboard.
  • Now is time to make some money. Click on Pay & Transfer.
  • On the next page, click on Pay a recent or new payee.
  • Page will load for like 5 seconds.
  • FROM: This is where you choose the funding source from which of the accounts the money should be removed from in the UK log you bought from us at
  • Click on the account which has most money in it, we chose the Current account here because it has enough balance.
  • TO: This is where you add your UK bank drop info (where you want the money to be sent).
  • If this is your first time adding this info, click on Add new payee.
  • Now scroll down the page to input your UK drop or receiver info.
  • The only information you need from a UK bank drop is the Name, Sort code and Account number and obviously the login info for you to move the money from your bank drop later on.
  • So, fill the information there.
  • After you are done inputting your UK drop info, scroll down and click on Continue.
  • Now the “FROM” has being filled out, the “TO” has also being filled, with the AMOUNT section you can write any amount, limit per transaction is £50,000 or below!

That’s a decent amount of money to make in one day, ok so since this is the “Part 1” of the tutorial we have disclosed the “Part 2“ of this tutorial you can go ahead and read it.

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  • Famous Reply

    I want UK log or CC

    January 18, 2022 at 4:48 pm
  • neuro Reply

    Proper guidance and information, from knowledgeable vendor.

    December 28, 2021 at 12:41 pm
  • Paul Reply

    Omo this is lovely I need to get into this quickly

    December 14, 2021 at 7:33 pm

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