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CVV Carding for noobs

In this article we will talk about misconceptions in carding CVV, why buy CC online, and how you can earn money with this, consider some methods carding CVV. Just talk about security and how everything works.


1. I want everything at once.
The first mistake is that the newcomer wants to immediately engage in bays, buy cvv online and transfer money to his card, this does not happen in carding CVV. With CC to transfer money to another CC is technically impossible, you can only make a purchase.

2. Security. They will put me in prison.
One of the main problems of a novice is the fear that they will put him in prison. For some reason, he thinks that he will immediately start earning millions and will definitely be watching him. If you have card even a hundred items from a shop, then the chance that someone will come for you is equal to or almost zero! And this is the most important thing to understand. When you make carding CVV through a  dedicated server, you already hide your real ip, and you are not using a socks, but a dedicated server, which has the greatest anonymity.

Yes, when the monthly income will be more than $ 2,000, then you should buy yourself VPN, a VPN – these are the same Dedicated server, but only connected by one route, a bunch of ip, i.e. the real location will not really be calculated if, for example, the servers for VPNs are located in Panama or Sri Lanka, because the authorities of these countries will not disclose the logs to Interpol by default.

3. Easy money.
Probably, you already know that almost all sellers of dump + pin are all scam. And if not, then I’m warning money for the money no one sells, miracles are possible only in the land of fools.


1. Shops. Pros: it is relatively easy to find a sending shop. Disadvantages: shops quickly die, a small% of the net income from the purchase. How to search for shops and how anonymously to accept parcels is in materials.

2. Your merchant account. Pros: income up to 95%. Disadvantages: start-up capital for raising your own merchant, difficulty to find a merchant with a large percentage of allowable chargebacks or with an instant withdrawal. How to open your merchant account is on the Internet.

3. Brokerage offices, such as forex and stock exchanges. There is no sense in transferring money from CC, but you can buy such account from logs and open an account for a drop with the same name and surname as the holder and transfer all the money to a drop.

4. Poker accounts and offices with sports betting. You can do chipdumping and invent your own chains.

5. Mobile operators, it’s just not worth it to waste your time.

6. Online games. If one transfers money and the other withdraws, you can work well together.

7. Payment systems. It is not necessary to use PayPal this is not for beginners. But there is a sense to use alertpay, it is enough to take SMS, send 2 scans and you can work.

Congratulations, you made the right move towards a meeting for big money. It was possible to spend half a year and more on self-study, fail more than once and start earning money or be completely disappointed and quit the job. And you can read this article to the end, realize everything and just make good money.
When a person is far from carding CVV, hears the word “carding”, images begin to come to his head, as he withdraws money from the cards and distills into his accounts. This does not happen. You can not just take money from one CC to another CC. It is possible to transfer money from a roll (CC with online banking) to drops CC (card) of the same country.
You can buy a CC online and transfer money to the casino account, poker, payment system and from there withdraw. So, carding methods for withdrawing money from CC no one just tells. There are public methods, which can be read in the articles, but there is a private carding method, which you need to reach yourself. Yes, they sell methods, some of them are good. The price range is from 100 to 3000 dollars, in any case, I did not come across more expensive methods. Only a trick is that by purchasing a carding method, even if it comes through a guarantor, no one will give you a guarantee that the topic will not die the next day. As a rule, carding methods for withdrawing money live on average a month or two, then everything is completely covered up, or limits, additional checks, restrictions, etc. will be introduced. In this direction, you can work and earn, but in order to earn millions directly, it will not work.

Now let’s talk about more real things, money withdrawal is good, but capital is needed to start. And we wanted to earn for living from a few dozen dollars. There is such a magical place and this place is a clothing thing. We order the stuff on the drop and get our percentage. One shop, this is essentially one carding method for withdrawing money, if used frequently, dies just as quickly. The only difference is that every day, new shops appear hundreds of times more than payment systems that accept payment. There are just more shops, it is easier to search for them, a non-sending shop can easily be replaced by a sending one, and so on in a circle. The search for a shop can be divided into three stages, the first is screening, here the main task is to make a list of potential sending shops, at the second stage, we write the support of all these shops to a legend that I want send a gift to someone to another address / country, how can I do it, and depending on the subject of the shop, we choose from grandfather to son, from husband to wife, etc. At the third stage, already for all those shops that answered us positively, we try to use the CC, first for a small amount, in order to simply check whether the shop sends at all. If you stick to this sequence, a stack of 9 out of 10 shops will be sent. Now we count our possible incomes. Carder gets an average of 30% of the price of goods in the shop. Three purchases are made in an hour, 20 in a day, we are not taking this along the upper bar. $ 400 – the average cost of one pack, if you send to the drops of the USA or Europe, the amount will be higher. So 400 multiplied by 20 purchases and from this amount we take our 30% and we get $ 2400 of income per day.

The word “cashing” causes various associations. A carder has a lot to do with this, in particular, drops, payment systems and, of course, big money. But in the end, it all comes down to one thing – the extraction of quite real money from virtual cards. For example, WebMoney. Of course, I will not give ready-made recipes for “cc> WM”. There is simply no such thing. Many newbies are deceived in this way, because any person who just came to carding will be tormented by the thought: “How can I quickly buy a CC online and cash a credit card in WM and have a lot of $?”


Let’s take a look at how to transfer money to CC> E-Gold> WM (credit card – EPS “E-Gold” – WebMoney). The fact is that you can buy E-Gold money directly from a credit card, and you can easily transfer them to WM, there are a lot of exchangers on the Web now, the main thing is to choose the fee that suits you. Of course, there are also difficulties here – they can ask you for confirmation by phone, scan of a card and an identity document. In this case, if you are not a cardholder, it is very difficult to get money.
It all happens like that. You are looking for exchangers that accept credit cards. You buy CC online, enter CC data, indicating how much money you need to transfer from your card to an account in the E-Gold system. Wait a few hours or, sometimes, days. Then, if everything goes well, you open your e-gold-account and you are surprised at the amount there. But not everything is as simple as it seems. The cardholder will surely make a charge reverse (refund) when he sees that the damned carder brazenly stole his honestly earned money. The guys from the exchanger will write to E-Gold – “help, we were robbed”. And your E-Gold-account will be closed along with the money. So it is very important to have time to withdraw this money. There are people who do this – you send them illegal money from your account, and they send you legal WebMoney.

You can argue: you can find the exchanger E-GOLD> WM and quickly exchange it yourself so as not to pay a percentage (and considerable) of stolen money to the cashier. But bear in mind that soon this exchanger – after E-Gold takes the money from it – will also contact WebMoney support and demand to return the money. WM will do it with pleasure, plus be sure to block your WM ID.


We go to an online auction and lay out there a lot: “Domain + hosting for $ XX per year! Payment by WM”. Then, when there are buyers, we start buying domains and hosting for someone else’s CC and selling them for $ XX at auction.

It would seem that everything is simple. But some time after the sale of domains and hosting will block. Why? Yes, it’s all the same – the cardholder will demand to return the stolen money, the bank will take the money from the hosting company, which, in turn, will block the domains. It turns out that your customers threw money to the wind, and you became a scammer. Not cool, right?


In order to implement this carding method, we will have to find affiliate programs that pay for clicks or banner displays. We make a website where we post these banners and sponsor scripts, buy a lot of traffic on CC. And – we are waiting for our WM.

Here, I think everything is fine. But the content of your site should be solid, so as not to attract the attention of affiliate program support services. After all, they are going to pay you, and if your site is a mess of obscure text and suspicious design, and the meters will show thousands of visitors every day, this will cause fair suspicions. What can lead to the closure of your account.


Our path lies on There we choose the site on which we will work. To implement this CVV carding method, you need to buy CC online, create accounts on this site and ask yourself (as an expert) questions from different categories. Each question is worth a certain amount (you require it yourself). For 2-3 questions a day, it can easily run up to $ 10-20, and so it goes all the time. When withdrawing, you will have to ask to send a check, and when cashing – ask to transfer to WM. Thus, it is quite possible to earn up to $ 500 a month for virtual communication with yourself.


What prevents us from buying domains on СС and selling them already for WM? There are many sites that sell ready-made projects or solid exclusive templates for sites. You can also buy it on СС and sell it through a profitable payment system.

You can trade with yourself in another way. For example, make a REAL site for the sale of some service or software. The site should be exactly real, so that the merchant could check it and not suspect anything. Then we register an account with the merchant, set a low price, install everything on our site. It remains only to promote the site, buy traffic for the CC, and when you have enough visits, you can start buying from yourself, only within reasonable limits and anonymously, again – the merchant should not suspect anything. So you can make a couple of sites and work slowly. The main thing to know when to stop. Then, of course, get the long-awaited WM, if the merchant allows such a service, or, having received a check, transfer it to all the same WM.


Simple enough, in my opinion, way. For its implementation, you need to somehow advertise the service: “I do hosting with a domain name for the websites for life for n webmoney”. And then, after each order, fill out a small form on buy CC and enter datas there. On hostonce, CC is practically not checked, and the site will never be closed. And the next day you will need to get your “honestly” earned webmoney. Of course, for a perfectly fulfilled order.


The main thing here is to find through some search engine (for example, Adult-sponsors that provide a ready-made store (for example,
These sponsors give you a percentage of sales from your (or rather, provided to you) site and pay to attract referrals. It remains only to pretend to be a Pornomaniac – buy CC and enter it into your shop. Then, already in the role of a porn seller, order a check via Western Express to WebMoney (if the sponsor does not work immediately through WM).
This method has an indisputable plus – no need to do anything. No you sites, no connection to billing. But there is also a minus – usually they give no more than 25% from the sale.

I have described far from all the ways to cash out money from CC. But doing CVV carding or not is a personal matter for everyone. I can only advise you not to be annoying, to have patience, to read clever books and, of course, our articles.
Thus, it is quite possible to earn up to $ 500 a month for virtual communication with yourself. On hostonce, cc is practically not checked, and the site will never be closed.


Scoring goods is not much more difficult if you buy it for your money. In fact, I copied CC data, inserted it into the windows and get profit, nothing complicated, it is, and now it’s closer to the point.

What you need for a successful CVV carding

– buy CC online and Dedicated server. Dedicated server take immediately under CC state.
– Shop. All shops send, otherwise online stores simply would not exist. The only difference is that everyone needs their own approach, some do not send to individual countries at all, others do not send for large sums, others do not send, because CC without vbv code, etc.

1. We buy CC online, better without vbv code. To the note: 1. There are shops that do not ask for the vbv code, even if the CC with the code. 2. If you buy electronics, then with a 98% probability without a vbv code, using the CC will not work, i.e. will have to buy only with vbv.

2. We buy Dedicated server the same the state of the CC.

3. We are looking for a shop. If there is a shop, skip the item. The tricks of the search shops are in the materials.

4. We register mail. We register in the com zone, with an abstract name for descending for a woman and for a man, for example, whitecould77, likechokоlade, etc.

5. Go to Dedicated server.

6. Enter the data CC. well and all) An important moment shipping and billing of addresses. Here you need to experiment or find out from support whether it sends to a different billing or not. There are shops in which you specify the same billing and shipping address and the drop immediately, you do not change the data of the CC, i.e. There is a matching address, but there is no verification of the address and the holder. The most convenient shops for CVV carding.

In order that the shop send to one drop several times, you can interchange the name and surname, make 2-3 mistakes in the name, also indicate the address of the neighbor.
It is better to solve any problems by writing immediately to the support, what and why the payment does not go through, they will answer and, if you’re lucky, they will pay for you.


Clothing CVV carding has received the greatest distribution among carders. Its essence lies in the ordering of goods in online stores with using CC for the purpose of subsequent sale. The scheme of work of the clothing carders seems to be on the surface. It attracts many novice carders, to whom everything seems clear and simple. In fact, to deal with clothing carding is not so easy. To generate income, you need a chain of people who will work together smoothly.


Now, clothing carding is going through hard times, but it is not going to give up its positions. There is a certain equilibrium among purchases in online stores: on the one hand, the loss of online stores on carder orders are covered by profits from legal purchases, on the other hand, these orders are enough for carders. Today, clothing carding continues to be popular among newcomers, although some are disappointed in it, forgetting about carding forever.


The main thing that you should pay attention to is security and anonymity when you are engaged in clothing CVV carding. When ordering goods in the online store, special scripts can find out more information about the user. So, for example, if you work with American online stores, then your computer should look like a typical American’s computer. This means that the installed operating system must be from the beginning to the end of English – the store can even alert the presence of another language for keyboard input. Your time zone should not be just American, but correspond to the local time zone of your drop (the person who receives the goods from the store and sends them to you). When ordering in the online store, it is necessary to use an anonymous proxy server. And it is highly desirable that the IP of this proxy server matches the state of your drop, and even better the city.


You should also know that a real American makes purchases at an online store, either during the lunch break at work or in the evening at home. Accordingly, in these hours, online stores get the most orders, and your order will be less likely to attract the attention of store managers. We should also mention the purchase of gifts for Christmas and other holidays. During this period, buyers sweep everything from the virtual shelves of online stores, even the most stale goods are being bought up. Online stores for this period have to hire additional workers. Also pay attention to the official weekend in the country in which you specialize. Orders placed on public holidays will be processed only in a few days, and this delay can be fatal, since the cardholder will have time to appeal the payment.
Credit card for purchase in the online store should be selected very carefully. The card should correspond to the state, and better to the city of your drop, then you can try to specify when ordering different addresses of the drop and the cardholder and try to convince the store that you (as the cardholder) decided to make a gift to your nephew at the other end of the city. If possible, it is better to buy a card with online access. In such cards, you can go to the bank’s website in a special section and change the address of the cardholder there. If the address is changed to the drop address, then in principle the store will no longer doubt any legality of the purchase, since it sends the purchase to the address of the cardholder. But here everything is not so simple. Sometimes the address on the card changes without question, and sometimes the bank starts to doubt and nothing happens. 

The online store in which the order will be placed must also be carefully selected. Do not make an order in large online stores with good security service. You need to choose a small online store, which is usually just an online storefront of a regular store. The share of online purchases in such a store is very small, so there are no qualified staff that tracks the purchases of carders.

If something seems suspicious to the online store, he may request to send him a scanned credit card or ask your phone number, or suggest that you call the store yourself. Skilled credit card craftsmen, you for a few dozen bucks will make such that it will be better than the original, but with the phone will have to suffer. You can negotiate with your drop on confirmation by phone, you can find an individual. And if everything is simple with a drop, then an individual can live in another state. Then you will have to use service, which will replace the phone number with the one that will correspond to the state of the drop.

Recently, the topic of online shopping in Australia and New Zealand has become very relevant. Because of their remoteness from other countries, there are only a few local carding sites, which are controlled by the Chinese mafia. Therefore, shops without unnecessary questions send goods not only in their countries, but also abroad. Another problem is the mining of the Australian and New Zealand CC. Due to the fact that few of these countries doing CVV carding, it is much more difficult to buy CC online from these countries. And if the seller and appear Australian CC, then at prices they are more expensive than American or European.


If the store still sent the goods, it is still too early to drink champagne and celebrate the victory, since there is still a drop between you and the goods. Very often, carding drops are caught by the FBI, and sometimes the drops themselves can deceive you. There are two ways to hire a drop. The first is to tell him everything from the very beginning, so that he knows what he is going for. In this case, he will be able to confirm orders over the phone and in every way facilitate the receipt of goods. Or you can find some housewife, who for a few hundred a month will not mind to earn some money by receiving and sending parcels. But this path has a lot of minuses. A housewife, being a stupid creature, can do things that you cannot even imagine. For example, there was a case when a parcel arrived at the address of such a drop, but because the drop was not found at home several times, the parcel was sent back to the store. And this is despite the fact that the postman every time coordinated with the housewife by phone! But even when the goods are safely received by the drop and sent to you, it is still too early to rejoice. There were cases when the drop confused the address, and the parcel was sent back. You will be happy when the goods are already in your hands.


Despite everything, CVV carding continues to live. And for every new trick of the stores there is a means. The main thing to remember is that everything ultimately depends on the manager of the online store who deals with your order. I had a case where the store did not want me to send the goods, requiring a phone call. Then I wrote them a mournful letter that I now do not have access to the phone, and the digital camera is intended for my son, who has a birthday in three days. And the gift is the one that the son had long dreamed of. I asked to send a purchase and promised that I would definitely call the store in a week. And it worked! So never forget the human factor.

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