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How to cashout bank logs through coinbase!!!

Open your Coinbase . Click on the profile at the top right corner !!!

Select Settings from the pop up menu !!!

Click on the “Add payment Method”

Y’all following up ??

Click on Bank Account since it’s a local bank we are working with.

NB: Make sure you purchase bank logs with email access. That’s why I said don’t buy from any site nor buy from any admin trust me . If you think I’m lying you can try a minor deal with them and you’ll see how fast they gon block your ass!!!

Now with Coinbase I recommend you use Regions ,Huntington or Chase Bank log with email access

You’ll enter the Online access from the bank log you purchased, send verification code to email and link it instantly.

You could do $5,000 to $50,000 depending on your Bank purchase limit!!!

Right after choosing the bank to work with, you can go ahead to transfer the funds from the Bank Log to the Coinbase and make sure you always transfer balances slightly lower than the available balance in the bank Log in order to cover in for the fees or any other charges.

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