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Coinbase method using First Tech Federal Credit Union Bank

1]• Once you login on coinbase, On the portfolio Dashboard you will see these 9 arranged dots, just click on it.

2]• On this page, click on Profile & Settings

3]• This will be the next page after stage 2. Navigate to the Add a Payment Method option as seen above

4]• Coinbase is having many Payment Options which you can choose in terms of purchasing crypto from them. However our main focus is on how to buy BTC with Banklog without the name on log matching that of our coinbase. Proceed by tapping on Bank Account as your Payment Option

5]• The previous page will redirect you to Plaid. Just click on Continue

6]• Now at this section you will be asked to select your bank…. You can choose to link with Online Access or Manually but since our banks doesn’t require any OTP code verification just go ahead and link it with online access.

7]• Search the bank and link your Bank Log with the online access and buy BTC for same day withdrawal. To do this, just type the bank name on the space provided above and when your bank appears then you just click on it

8]• Login with username and password of the hacked bank log your bought

9]• Now all you have to do is wait for the bank to be connected to plaid

10]• Most of the banks requires OTP code verification before you get to this stage but Since our above bank logs doesn’t require any otp code verification you will be taken to this page straight away🔥🔥🔥. All you have to do is select the checking’s account from which you want to buy your crypto from.

11]• Boom💥 our “First Tech Federal CU” has been linked to coinbase successfully🔥🔥🔥🔥. Getting other banks logs aside what I posted above will require otp and name verification.

12]• Once you login back to your coinbase payment options you will see the linked account

13]• Now to begin with the Crypto[BTC] Purchasing, just click on Buy or the [+] Sign on your dashboard

15]• You will be asked to enter the Amount of Crypto needed. You can’t enter any amount higher than your bank buying limit shown on screenshot above👆🏿. To buy higher amounts you will need a coinbase with higher bank purchasing limit.

16]• So I entered $19,925.00 as Amount of bitcoin needed

17]• Now this will show you. Mostly it is available instantly to Trade and they give you 5 hours to make withdrawal since you linked your bank with online access…. Once everything looks proceed by clicking on Buy Now

Note 📝: But when you link the Bank log manually they might give you 3,7 or even 13 Days to make withdrawal of purchases…

18]• Bitcoin purchased successfully🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Most of the banks requires OTP code verification when linking through plaid but beneath are some secret banks that links through plaid without OTP and allows buying of crypto through coinbase even when name isn’t matching that of the coinbase💰.


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