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Make sure to read through the full guide before attempting this or you might fail!

Make a main Pay Pal account if you don’t already have one

Create another 2 PayPal accounts, this time using a different (hq) VPN/Proxy and browser for the 2nd and 3rd Pay Pal

Now send €50 from your main Pay pal to your 2nd Pay pal account with Friends & Family option

Send the €50 from account 2 to your 3rd Pay pal account with Goods & Services option

Send the €50 from the 3rd Pay pal account to your main Pay pal account with Friends & Family option

Now open a dispute with your 2nd PayPal on the transaction to the 3rd PayPal and say you didn’t receive your item

Go on your 3rd Pay Pal and accept the dispute and refund the money

Do not log into multiple Pay Pal accounts at the same time this is fresh pay pal method which you can use for the year 2023

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