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Skrill Cashout Guide

What you will need:-

1. SAFE SOCKS5 (USA) and I insist on the word « SAFE » because a lot of noobs are making the choice to use cheap (or free) SOCKS5 and they cry once they fail.

A SAFE SOCKS5 is simply a proxy provider who does’nt record your datas like IPs, personal infos etc, he’s also providing clean SOCKS5

2. A SAFE VPN, as same as the SOCKS5, if you have, it is OK, otherwise go here

3. Strong CCs (Visa Platinium, Gold Mastercard for the 1st week and card little

amounts like $50 to avoid risk of suspicions from the CC holder.

4. 1 Iban account & VCC linked ( = Virtual card), you can get them on Dream Market and other markets.

Part 2 : Modus Operandi

1 : Register on with your IBAN/VCC to blow your limits. 2 : Register as a seller (Etsy vendor or other) in your settings.

3 : Now you’re ready to use your CCs , make sure to use a SOCKS5 matching with CC holder.

4 : Create a SKRILL Account matching with CC holder infos and make a deposit 5 : Check your deposit and then make a payment to your account (1st vendor


IMPORTANT !!! : SKRILL cannot cancel the payments made to a VCC account

Theoretically there can occur 4 cases after your 1st payments:

Your payment is accepted, so everything is fine.

They can ask you for ID verifications, if it happen no worries you can get

customizables ID/PASS scans easily on the deep .

They can ask you for a double verification : ID + residence proof, no

worries you can also get these docs easily on the deep.

They may ask you for a phone verification, no worries if it happen, just

use a Skype or Google voice number matching with CC holder State.

A Skrill Operator will call you (this verification method is useless in my opinion but good for us 😉 ), in most of cases these operators are based in India when the account is registered in USA, so no worries for your accent if you’re not native English speaker.

So just answer to their questions about CC holder and once the call is over you can fart a good punch because it is won !

6 : After few days (or 1 week) you’ll be able to make higher payments easily ($500 daily).

Then use your VCC to purchase e-gift cards like iTunes, Steam, Walmart, Amazon etc.. and exchange them on online exchange plateforms for bitcoins. Don’t for get to use your SAFE VPN & SOCKS5 for this last step and then clean your coins exchanged, use bitblender for example.

Then once you get your clean coins on your own wallet I don’t need to tell you what to do with them, just enjoy your coins 😉

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  • unknown7 Reply

    i bought a low value cc but a good one with id but the it didnt work, it asked for double verification. i was able to provide the id photo but it asked for a selfie aswell and so i couldn’t get through to making the account by which time the cc locked off because it asked to verify cc card holder number

    August 24, 2021 at 5:36 pm

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