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paypal verify 2022

How to verify PayPal account before cashout

We will explain everything you’ll need to know in order to verify your PayPal account so that you can cashout your high-end CC that you bought from our shop.

You can also use PP to make transfers to other PP accounts using that account that you just verified with this method.

You can also get our PP transfers that are done by us and send to any of your PayPal account that is verified and will not get limited after receiving funds in it due to it being unverified.

Before we start, this guide works best with US PayPal accounts. It WILL work for people that are not in the US, but remember that US accounts have a higher success rate.


  • Go to ETRADE.
  • Click on “Open An Account”.
  • Click “APPLY NOW” on “E*TRADE C Investment Account”
  • Now you will need to fill in info. Do NOT put in your real info. Use Fake Name Generator (IMPORTANT: Get an identity from the US)! Also use an email that you can access. For the “Account Type”, pick “Individual account”.
  • For “Step 1: Choose Account Type”, pick “Cash Account Only”.
  • Put in the fake address and phone number that you got from Fake Name Generator, and make sure that both of the boxes unchecked!
  • Now you will need a Social Security number. As usual, Do NOT put in your real info. Use Fake Name Generator. Make sure it is in the state of where your fake address is. Also make sure you put your “Country of Legal Residence” as “United States” and click “US Citizen”.
  • For your “Employment Status” just make up jobs. Make sure it is in the same city, state, zip, and country. Do NOT make the address of your Employer the same as where your “home” address is. Pick “No” for all the options.
  • For “Additional Account Preferences”, put in what I say. Put in “Income” for “Investment Objectives:“. Put in “Excellent” for “Investment Experience:”. Pick the first option for all the drop-down boxes and pick “No” for the selection.
  • Now for “Sweep accounts”, pick the first one and pick “No” for the rest.
  • Make sure that all the boxes are unchecked on “Select Documents for Electronic Delivery”.
  • Click I Accept and Do NOT check the box.
  • Now pick “No. I want to create a new user ID and password for this account”.
  • Make an account that you can remember.
  • Now login to your account. Your account number should be shown in the “middle” of the page.
  • Now go to the “Add a Bank account” page in PayPal.
  • For routing number, you will put in: 056073573.
  • For account number, put in: “your account number”.
  • Now go to the next page and enter your “login info”.
  • Pick the “Instant option” on the page and wait a few mins.

Congratulations! Your PayPal account should now be verified!

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