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Shopify carding method

we’ll take you step by step through the Shopify method

Activate Your Shopify Store and Choose a Plan

Though you will find a lot of different Shopify plans to choose from, our recommendation is the $79 one. This way, you get advanced reporting options and cheaper transaction fees. It’s a great option to get all these features at once. You can choose your plan by going to the ACCOUNT tab in Shopify.

Don’t have that much? Don’t worry! Shopify gives you a free trial of 14 days. Your plan only kicks in after the trial ends, so you can see for yourself whether the service is for you. If you’re still uncertain, you can always go with the $29 option. You won’t get the advanced features this way, however.

But why would you need to pay? If you don’t, and you start making big bucks, your account will be deactivated by Shopify. The idea is to go about starting your shop in a legitimate way. You will achieve success, and once the dollars start rushing in, you will be glad that you invested.

Understand How Shopify Drop Shipping Works

This is the important bit. If you want to be successful, you need to know how drop shipping works like the back of your hand. The first thing you should know is that drop shipping involved selling products we do not have. That’s right, we hold no products!

Instead of buying stock, we only buy the products the customers ordered through our shop and send these directly to them. We spend absolutely no money on buying products upfront this way. We buy products with the money we get from the customers who have already placed an order. This is perfect for people who have a small budget.

We use a website called Aliexpress (more on this later) to find out about products. There are tons and tons of others, sure, but Aliexpress is the best among the lot.

Importing Products with Oberlo to Shopify

When adding products to our sites and placing orders on Aliexpress, we use an app called Oberlo. This makes things a whole lot easier and automates everything for easy convenience.

Want a rundown on how this Shopify App works? We have you covered. The first step is to go to Oberlo and download the app. It’s free, which is always good. The next step is to make sure you download the chrome extension! This is going to make everything a whole lot easier for you.

While searching on Aliexpress, you can add products straight to your Shopify store using the Oberlo app. Just find a product and click “Add To Import List”. This will add the product to your Shopify store.

Once you have imported a product, you will find it in your Oberlo import list. What you need to do now is go to your apps in Shopify and click “Oberlo”. Then go to your import list to customize the product and add it to your store.

Once in the Import list, you can edit the product. You can edit things like the product description, as you can see in the image above. Once you have done this, all you need to do is click “Push to Shop,” and it’s then added to your store.

Now, the next step is to know how to fill orders when you get them. Don’t worry, though. This is really easy. When you get an order, go into the Oberlo app again and click orders from the left side panel. All of your latest orders will show up, and you can simply place the orders, and it will do everything for you… any we do mean everything.

Oberlo will go to Aliexpress and do everything for you, like put in the customer details and place the order. That’s all there is to it! Oberlo is super easy to use and will make everything automatically happen when it comes to placing orders.

Getting Traffic to Your Shopify Store

Now that you have an awesome store all set up and ready to do business, it’s time to get some traffic. Most business people use Facebook adverts and Instagram shoutouts to get their traffic. What you have to do with Facebook is target people you think will be interested in your products. You will then need to start a Facebook ad campaign that will cost you a few dollars a day to run. Once you land a winning advert, you have to scale that advert up to make more profits.

With Instagram, the approach is a bit different. You need to contact influencers with lots of followers and pay them to promote your products. This is also a great way to get really targeted traffic to your product.

Now, the illegal ways. All that was to show you how drop shipping works. You can watch videos on youtube step by step. It is very easy, and people quit their day jobs to do this. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can make so much money so fast and easily.

Option 1

  1. You need to set up a Facebook page & Instagram account.
  2. Share your products on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Card Facebook ads to get a bunch of people to view and buy your products.
  4. Use an auto like this one for Instagram for credibility and tons of likes and follows.

That’s all! It’s very easy to use, and all you need is some marketing know-how.

Option 2

  1. After you buy a Shopify domain, share your site to all carding forums and just say that the site is cardable.
  2. You will be amazed by how many people will start carding. All you need to do is have some patience to sit and watch the numbers rise.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain! You don’t even have to do much to promote your store this way!

Option 3

After your shop is ready for business, card it yourself by using an ATM card. How? Let’s find out!

  1. Use socks to change your computer’s IP address and timezone
  2. Choose a product and card it to you
  3. Or card it for people (carding services)
  4. Or just card the item to cc addresses

That is quite literally all you need to do! Do that, and watch the money roll in from every direction!


All right. In this article, you have seen how you can earn a living online by using Shopify to drop ship products online. This is one of the best money-making methods to date because it actually works! This isn’t like every other run-of-the-mill method you might have heard about. This method is helping people throw off the chains of their 9-5 job.

So, to make you retain all that you learned, let’s recap some steps:

Step 1

Start a Shopify store, so you have a place to sell products from. This store is going to be the main hub that you send traffic to.

Step 2

Find a product to sell on Aliexpress and add that product to your store using Oberlo. Also, if you can add more products because people sometimes buy more than one product. Remember, variety sells.

Step 3

Make sure your store looks good but also basic enough that it does not distract the buyers from the products. You will want the buyer to be thinking about buying products and nothing more.

Step 4

Use Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your website. Make sure your traffic is niche-specific and target people who will actually have an interest in your products.

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